Due to the careful methodology used, audiobooks are currently among the digital areas with the quickest growth. You can listen to a book while exercising or driving that you would otherwise have long forgotten due to your busy schedule.

Are you an avid reader enjoying your free time with a book? The good news is that you can now read and listen to your favourite books. Feels magical? Now that audiobooks are available, you can listen to your favourite novels rather than read them.

Google Play Books:

The great Google Play Books app is a popular app for iOS and Android smartphones. Through ebooks, textbooks, audiobooks, and comic books, users of this audiobook app can consume content. Thanks to Google Play Books’ well-integrated audiobook functions, users may listen to their purchased audiobooks on various platforms and devices.


More than 200,000 audiobooks covering various topics are available on Amazon’s Audible, another Popular App. Classics, fiction, nonfiction, technology, politics, fashion, health & wellness, romance, and a wide variety of other genres are all represented in the enormous audiobook collection.


One of the finest places to get exciting audiobooks for free is AudioBooks.com. Nearly 7000 of the more than 100,000 books the library offers are free. You can customize the narrative speed on the platform to meet your preferences and enjoy high-quality audio.

 Amazon Kindle:

Amazon has benefitted the human community in many ways, including the amazon kindle. It is a well-known book-reading app and is among the top three in the Books category of apps. The Kindle version’s rate is affordable compared to the actual book rate.

Chirp Audiobooks:

This app is the ideal money-saving choice for those who enjoy listening to audiobooks. The most excellent part about Chirp Audiobooks is that using its features does not involve purchasing a membership. Furthermore, there aren’t any ads either. Additionally, the audiobook app discounts several well-known or uncommon titles by up to 95%.


Even though Kobo may not be as well-known as some other companies on the list, it has a sizable library of more than 1.5 million eBooks and Audio Books. It has apps available for both Android and iOS, and cross-platform syncing lets you resume reading from where you left off.

LibriVox Audiobooks

No introduction is necessary for LibriVox, a free audiobook app. This well-known software is an official partner of Project Gutenberg and the Internet Archive, which allows it to host audio files for free and has a sizable library of 50,000 audiobooks.


More than 16,000 community libraries and 10,000 school libraries offer access to the OverDrive audiobook app. If the local neighbourhood library has downloaded the OverDrive app and you have a library card, you can use the app’s virtual audiobook collection for free.  

From OverDrive: Libby

Libby, a popular app for audiobook listening, is a free service provided by OverDrive. You can download the platform’s official app for your iPhone or Android smartphone, which is optimized for mobile use.


Instead of being a typical audiobook app, ChirpBooks helps you find incredible discounts on well-known audiobooks and offers the audio version of New York Times bestsellers. You can rapidly transition between chapters due to the navigation tool.

Bottom Line:

Even in the digital era, there are many bibliophiles present today. They tend to read a lot in their favourite genre or from their favourite author. These audiobooks can help them continue their journey through audio instead of text.

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