Joy and eagerness are in the air as the holiday season approaches. Diwali, the festival of lights, is a time to celebrate traditions, dress up beautifully, and get into the holiday mood.

But what good is a stunning Diwali ensemble without the ideal gold-plated necklace?

Jewellery accentuates your outfit and lends a touch of refinement to your entire look, much like each diya lights a certain area of your home. We’ve hand-selected 5 amazing gold-plated necklaces to make sure your Diwali attire sparkles as brilliantly as the holiday itself. These items provide timeless beauty and sophistication to your Diwali dress; they are more than simply accessories.


With our Plain Antique Gold Finish Long Necklace Set and adorable Jhumka earrings, you’ll be set to dazzle this Diwali. This piece of jewellery is all about showcasing the timeless beauty that is so ingrained in Indian culture.

This necklace set is made of a sturdy brass alloy and covered in a brilliant gold finish. Artificial stones provide a touch of appeal.

The necklace’s 24-inch length is intended to go well with your formal clothing. With the simple drawing string closure, you can easily fasten it so you can relax and take in the celebrations.

But the delicate workmanship is what really distinguishes this artificial jewellery sets. You’ll see the subtle pattern when you get a closer look. The pendant gives the necklace a sophisticated touch by resembling a gorgeous sun with a little flower in the centre and layers of golden leaves above and below.


With this captivating Pear Shape Antique Gold Ball Stone Necklace Set and beautiful Jhumka earrings, illuminate your Diwali festivities. This stunning piece of jewellery was created to elevate your clothes with the mix of heritage and elegance.

With the careful use of synthetic stones, a fascinating radiance that complements the Diwali atmosphere is created. You can concentrate on the celebrations because of the convenient drawing string closure’s secure fit.

Its pear-shaped design and core red gemstone pearl, which is surrounded by two concentric pearls and decorated with elaborate gold designs, speak for itself. The base of the pendant features a lovely green gemstone that gives the piece’s entire design an alluring tint. This pendant is ideal for the festival of lights since it not only goes well with your traditional clothing but also gives a touch of originality. With this captivating item, which masterfully combines tradition and modern appeal, you can celebrate Diwali in style.


Our Gold Finish Ganesh Kundan Necklace Set is the perfect option for a truly magnificent Diwali appearance. To guarantee that you exude elegance during the festivities, this magnificent necklace set expertly combines tradition and style.

This set is expertly made from a sturdy brass alloy and has a beautiful gold coating that gives it a sense of grandeur. A clever use of synthetic stones adds a subtle touch of elegance and beauty.

A stunning and intricate statue of Lord Ganesh is located at its centre. The necklace is composed of a beautiful sequence of elephant heads that are connected by fine gold links and are embellished with white jewels. The necklace has a delicious and elegant appeal as a result of this combination, making it ideal for the festive setting. With this unique item that masterfully combines tradition and modern beauty, you may embrace the Diwali spirit.


This magnificent outfit captures the very best of tradition and holiness. This set, which was expertly crafted, is made of a durable brass alloy and lavishly plated in gold. The inclusion of artificial stones gives the item a mesmerising luminosity.

This set is more than simply jewellery; it honours the holy presence of Goddess Lakshmi. The pendant has a magnificent figurine of Goddess Lakshmi in the middle, surrounded by elaborate patterns that evoke her heavenly brightness. The more closely you examine it, the more you will see how meticulously everything is done.

The necklace is a piece of art in and of itself, and the round, textured gold links that span the length of it only serve to enhance its allure and beauty. Whether you’re wearing traditional clothing or something more modern, this necklace set seamlessly completes your style.


With this Stunning Floral Motif Antique Gold Pendant Set and a set of lovely earrings, you can add a touch of classic elegance to your Diwali outfit. The exquisiteness of nature is honoured by this jewellery collection. The exquisite beauty of flowers serves as the design’s main source of inspiration.

The lovely 0.7-inch-long and -0.7-inch-wide earrings that go with them have a push-back fastening that is simple to use and provides comfort.

The design of this imitation necklace sets is motivated by the innate beauty of flowers, as suggested by the name. Heart-shaped golden links that smoothly connect to a ring of finely textured golden flower petals gracefully encircle the raised flower that occupies the centre of the piece. The design is not only lovely but also sophisticated, and the more closely you examine it, the more you’ll see the minute nuances that perfectly depict the perfection of nature.

A stunning complement to your Diwali outfit, the necklace itself emanates a complex elegance.


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