Are you on the lookout for trusted consumer electronics suppliers in the US? Whether you’re a wholesaler/retailer or simply seeking access to high-quality devices for your corporate organization, finding a reliable supplier is an absolute game-changer.

We know that many consumer electronics suppliers are in the market, and finding the best ones can be challenging and time-consuming. That’s why we’ve taken the initiative to research and identify the best and most trusted consumer electronics suppliers in the United States in 2023. So, let’s dive right in. 

1. Eze

Eze, also known as Eze Wholesale, is one of the US’s most prominent online B2B wholesale marketplaces. It is known for its unparalleled selection of new and used electronic devices. 

Eze conducts rigorous inspections before shipping devices to ensure you access high-quality products at the most competitive wholesale prices. Eze has several key features that make it stand out, positioning it as the industry leader.

Key Features

Accessibility & Availability of Devices: You can find almost any device and model in different grades on Eze, all with a click of a button, and make easy price comparisons in real time. And in cases where you don’t, you can request it, and they’ll help you source it. Guess what? The MOQ is 5!

Open Bidding: Eze has a feature that allows buyers to make their offer, and sellers can accept or counteroffer. This helps buyers to maximize their profit margins quickly.

Bonus Point: Eze offers a flexible financing solution called Eze Capital, where you can get instant business funding in less than 24 hours. Eze Capital has easy-to-achieve criteria for funding – a minimum credit score of 550, monthly revenue of $10,000, and 6 months of operation. Best of all, by choosing Eze Capital, you’ll also get a dedicated funding advisor.

2. Petra Industries 

Regarding reliable consumer electronics wholesalers in the United States, Petra Industries takes a well-deserved spot on the list.

Petra Industries is a leading wholesaler of consumer electronics, representing major technology brands such as Belkin, Canon, JVC, and Panasonic. Their extensive catalog spans various categories, including kitchen appliances, phone accessories, computer accessories, and more.

Key Feature

Impressive Brands Partnerships: Petra Industries covers various consumer electronics and related accessories. Their partnerships with over 800 major brands guarantee a diverse product lineup to meet your specific needs.

3. Alibaba

Another well-known and trustworthy electronic supplier would be Alibaba. While Alibaba may be based in China, it’s a prominent and trustworthy online B2B marketplace offering extensive consumer electronics and related services to businesses worldwide.

Key Feature

Millions of Top-Rated China Wholesalers: With a staggering membership base exceeding 1.2 billion, Alibaba’s reputation as a reliable source of consumer electronics and related services speaks for itself. Alibaba connects businesses with millions of top-rated Chinese wholesalers, making it effortless to find trusted suppliers for a wide array of products, including consumer electronics.

4. DHgate

Like Alibaba, DHgate is another leading online wholesale site based in China that ships worldwide – including the United States. DHgate still impressively boasts more than 2.2 million verified and active sellers, a substantial number in its own right compared to Alibaba.

Key Feature

Periodic Flash Sales: DHgate regularly features exciting flash deals, allowing buyers to secure high-quality devices at even more competitive prices during limited-time promotions.

5. Global Sources 

Global Sources should be on your radar if you’re looking for a US-based wholesaler akin to Alibaba or DHgate. This company has maintained its reputation as a premier online wholesaler for over half a century, earning the trust and love of countless customers worldwide.

While their specialization may not lie solely in electronic products, they boast an impressive selection of wholesale consumer electronics at highly competitive prices. 

Key Feature

Trade Shows: Global Sources also hosts several shows to display their products. Among these, an upcoming Consumer Electronics Show is happening on October 11-14 (located at Hong Kong’s AsiaWorld-Expo). 

6. Costco

While not often the first choice that comes to mind, Costco is a hidden gem when sourcing consumer electronics in bulk.

Costco Wholesale is one of the United States’s biggest multinational retail giants and is a reliable source of various products at competitive prices, including electronic gadgets. However, some of their competitive prices may only be accessible to Costco members. 

Key Feature

Wide Range of Electronics: Costco has an extensive selection of consumer electronics at competitive prices, from smartphones to home appliances and audio equipment.

7. DollarDays 

DollarDays may not be your typical consumer electronic supplier, but it deserves a spot on our list for its unique mission and diverse product offerings.

DollarDays has been dedicated to making a difference by providing wholesale goods to nonprofits, schools, and philanthropic organizations. While their specialization doesn’t solely revolve around electronic products, they offer an impressive range of wholesale consumer electronics at competitive prices.

Key Feature

Philanthropic Focus: By sourcing from them, you gain access to electronic products and contribute to a charitable cause.

Which of these suppliers would you be trying out or have you used, and tell us your experience. 


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